DuPont Online Safety Climate Survey—Uses Predictive Analytics to Help Improve Safety Performance

Introducing the DuPont Online Safety Climate Survey, an innovative new solution that provides organizations with leading indicators to help identify areas of concern and prevent incidents before they occur. The safety culture survey allows you to proactively measure, monitor and manage your organization's safety culture. This gives you insight and helps you to take action before issues arise. The DuPont Online Safety Climate Survey is the next generation of our DuPont Safety Climate Survey that has over 2 million responses. The DuPont Online Safety Climate Survey includes:

  • Survey tool to set up, deploy, and monitor responses to your survey
  • Demographics of respondents by location and role
  • Custom demographics tailored to your organization
  • Reporting
  • DSS consultant support
  • Examples of follow-up actions that can be taken

A key feature of the DuPont Online Safety Climate Survey is our unique benchmarking feature that uses the data-validated DuPont Bradley Curve.

Sample Survey Result

Real-Time Features to Proactively Improve Safety Culture

The DuPont Online Safety Climate Survey puts you in control of the data within your organization. Its easy-to-use features will allow you to generate reports and presentations that provide a summary of the alignment of your organization, responses for each question, a comparison of response by site or function, and injury rates versus safety culture.

By using this online survey and its reports, you can gain feedback on past and current performance, identify gaps, and provide recommendations for improving your safety culture in real time.

Safety Benchmarking to Give You a Competitive Advantage

This easy-to-use online interface gives you the power to simultaneously assess your organization's safety culture and use proprietary benchmarking data to compare your performance with other companies. This allows you to quickly develop insights using predictive analytics to strategically target performance improvements.

Our DuPont safety consultants are also available to provide additional services – from interpreting the data to performing a full assessment to helping you design a customized solution for safety improvement.

By combining the online survey with our expert support and a variety of customized solutions to meet your specific needs, you will not only be able to measure and monitor your safety culture, but to manage it in a way that leads to best-in-class performance.

DuPont Safety Experience

The DuPont Online Safety Climate Survey is backed by 213 years of DuPont real-world experience and expertise, plus over 2 million survey responses. DuPont has been offering safety assessments and perception surveys for 13 years and has carried out these studies in more than 10,000 locations in 47 countries. Our team of experts is available to help you analyze the survey results and recommend next steps to improve your safety culture. Get started now.